Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upslope Brewery

I want to introduce you all to my favorite local brewery: Upslope

To read the whole story, check out their web-site here:


I stop in often enough that when I asked "Could I take pictures?" the answer was an immediate "Yes!"

(above clockwise) 1. A listing of what is on tap, 2. The distinctive taps at Upslope, 3. A line-up of the beers set out for tasting.

Check out the hours on their web-site and consider stopping in for a taste of their current brews on tap.

(above) Upslope barrel-ages some of their beers for an amazing complex flavor, using former bourbon or cabernet barrels.

The photos below are a montage of the inside of the brewery.

To have access to a brewery with camera in hand is a rare privilege.  The shapes, colors and textures of the tanks and equipment is a pleasure to photograph.

(Below) And with that, a glass of Upslops Christmas Ale, and a reminder note to myself to do this photo-blog.

Thank you to all my friends at Upslope. You all have been a part of my "cheering-section"!

I hope you like the photos.

Lisa G.

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