Monday, May 11, 2015

A Portland Oregon Adventure

 My first photo had to be the magnificent Mount Hood; there is a fighter jet streaking across the sky from the local base.

I loved the art-glass at each stop the light rail made.  My favorites were the etched copies of children's artwork. The bottom photo is crossing the river into Portland city center.

(clockwise below--left to right) A welcome to Portland sign, the Portland Convention center glass spire, another shot of down-town from the train, a loading elevator, and an interesting business entrance with a blue-enameled ceramic pot.

Below is Marsh Hall on the campus of Pacific University in Forest Grove OR. This was the building the undergraduate philosophy conference was held. It has been a while since I've seen grass quite this deep shade of green. (Upper right) The view from the window where my session was held. (Lower right) And a shot of your's truly, before starting my presentation.

(Below) This is a shot of the cherry-blossoms from one of the trees on campus. 

I cannot resist taking photographs of flowers. (below clockwise) A pink dogwood in bloom on Pacific University campus,  blue flag, (lower right) flowers for sale at a street-side shop in Portland.

 (Below) It is not every day you see poetry in the side-walk. This Haiku was at the bus station on the ride to Forrest Grove.

On Sunday, I had time to explore a bit of Portland on my way to the airport.  (below) This is the Skidmore Market. There were artists with spray-paint and hub-caps, a creative violinist, and souvenir sellers galore.

(below) This lovely fountain graces the center of the Skidmore market square.

(below) Here is one of the street-lights that can be seen around Portland; this one framed by the newly budding leaves.

I enjoyed the warmth of the day, looking at the interesting architecture of down town Portland.

 I celebrated my birthday with a lunch at Jake's Grill.  The hospitality and service was first rate; and my food was wonderful.  They graciously allowed me to take a few photos, while we had a discussion on how difficult it actually was to juggle. Here the bartender shows off her skills.

And sorry: I forgot to photograph the food!

As I waited for the Red Line to take me back to the airport, there was a festival called "Singin' in the Square" where the locals joined together to sing some old (or not so old) songs.

(below) A last few photos of the down-town.

I started this post with a photo of Mount Hood, and (below) I finish this post with one last shot of the mountain as I said goodbye to the gracious and beautiful city of Portland Oregon.

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