Saturday, July 8, 2017

Leaf Restaurant, Boulder Colorado

I wanted to share a little gem of a restaurant; Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant. Leaf is located behind Aji Latin American Restaurant, at the corner of Pearl and  16th street in Boulder. This is my go-to spot for a week-end  happy-hour, or when I want to enjoy fine-dining that caters to my vegan diet.

Both restaurants are a part of the Three Leaf Concept chain of restaurants which specialize in growing much of their produce on their own farm, Three Leaf Farm. 100% of the produce grown on the farm goes into both their restaurants and 
catering business.

Welcome to Leaf!

While the restaurant is small, it is beautifully designed with a natural themed, organic flow to the space. The curving entry-wall is echoed in both the  curving cement bar and a copper wall, complete with a waterfall which hides the door into the shared space of Aji.

I had the chance to join in an advertising photo shoot at the restaurant, so besides dishes I have had in the past, I had the chance to photograph other offerings from Leaf's menu.

Leaf has both a lunch and weekend brunch menu. Above right is their Egg Sandwich, which includes egg, house-made vegan sausage, avocado, tomato, pepper-jack cheese, veganaise and mixed greens served on a croissant, here pictured with a side of Sweet-potato fries. On the left is pictured a few of the loose-tea containers from the Boulder Tea Company; another division of Three Leaf.

From the Happy Hour menu, is the Grilled Flat Bread; featuring beet hummus, pickled carrots, fava beans, a sprinkling of dukka (mixture of nuts, herbs and spices) and farm-greens. This can be served with feta cheese on the top, but as I am vegan, I ask for this as "Vegan option."

Above left, also from the Happy Hour menu are a couple of Buffalo Califlower tacos served with vegan "blue-cheese."  On the right, from the dinner menu is their "Sushi" salad; a mixture of seaweed, carrots, daikon radish, avocado, red bell pepper, brown rice, white and black sesame seeds, all tossed in a sweet wasabi vinaigrette.

From the entrees on the dinner menu (above) is a gorgeous presentation of Leaf's Jamaican Jerk Tempeh served on a layer of forbidden black rice, Coconut plantain sauce with sauteed greens and a fruit salsa.

If you are craving comfort food with a colorful new twist; why not try the Purple-Perogies. The pastry gets its color from beets, which are filled with bright green spring peas, served with brussel-kraut (thinly shaved brussle-sprouts made into sour-kraut,) roasted carrots, cipollini onions, caraway cream and crispy-shallots sprinkled on the top.

If you have saved any room for desert consider a piece of peanut-butter vegan-cheese cake, pictured below. You can go here for their dessert menu. 

As Leaf is a small restaurant, I suggest making reservations, especially for "prime time" (Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.) They have a patio for dining outside. During happy hour, there is usually room at the bar. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or not; the food is delicious, beautifully plated, and artfully served.

This is a great place for up-scale vegetarian/vegan food, unique drinks and cocktails.  Try the blackberry mint lemonade!

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